Custom solution

Can we help you? Können wir Ihnen helfen? Do you speak English, French, German…? Do you – a.s.a.p. – need a new order? Do you still have questions about our big sizes in leg fashion? The employees of Texim will help you, based on your needs.


Respect – that's what it's about at Texim. You may call it our Belgian side: we always go that extra mile for our customers. They know that too. Anything wrong? They can count on the correct solution. Always. Our customers are also aware of that./p>


Our goal? To take as many worries out of your hands as possible. We have 25 years of experience and craftsmanship on the retail market to back us up. Make a barcode? Quickly place a label? We get it done.


As a supplier of leg fashion for private labels, Texim meticulously follows trends. That drive for innovation is in our DNA: we constantly want to innovate, improve and grow in production, packaging, as well as distribution.



The leg fashion of Texim is shaped by tradition, but made for today. The design of for example black tights may always seem to be the same. If you touch them however, you can immediately feel the difference. That is the power of pure Texim craftsmanship.