From sensual tights to a pair of supportive knee stockings: Texim has a wide quality range. Furthermore, we work with different materials like cotton, wool, acrylic, viscose, modal, silk, bamboo,... in every product family.

Texim has a close working relationship with its thread suppliers. As a result, they always have 'first-hand' knowledge of all the novelties. Besides, Texim received a license for the conform use of its materials from its suppliers.

A few examples
Lycra Xceptional, Lycra Beauty, Lycra LegCare, Nilit Breeze, Nilit Innergie, Rhodia Emana, etc...

Thread suppliers

Service, dedication, innovation: all these aspects make Texim a leading player on the leg fashion market. But what ultimately counts, are our products. Again: anything goes, anything is possible, as long as it at least reflects our values.


An overview of our leg fashion collection:

1. Lady's tights (25y-65y)
The collection has 3 kinds:

  1. Supports, shapers and technical products
    (Contour, Hip Up, Silhouette, Relax, Reflex…and large sizes XL, XXL, SXL...)
  2. Fashion Products
    (3 collections per year: spring winter and holidays)
  3. Classic products
    (Veil-lycra, satin tights, microfiber, stay-ups, knee stockings, socks, seamless, tops, underwear, bodies,...)
2. Junior tights (12y – 20y)
3. Children's tights (4y – 12y)
4. Baby tights (0y – 4y)